Hi there !

Welcome to my blog

(once “thebookshake”)

or “room of my own”:

a place where I can spend some time concentrating on things that I like such as reviewing books while having a nice cup of tea or coffee.

My name is Grazia, I’m Italian and I’m doing a PhD in American Studies (Asian American literature) at the University of Nottingham. I am a curious and open minded person as I had the opportunity to live and study in various European countries (Italy, United Kingdom, and France). I would love to explore the rest of the world and my dream destinations are, naturally, Asia and the United States. When I travel I always keep a diary and take photos with my camera (you can find some of my photos on Instagram).

I am a book lover and so I’m interested in anything which has to do with books: writing, publishing, reading, and reviewing. I’ve always loved writing and so reading was just a natural consequence. I told myself: “If I want to write well I should first read what other people have written and the more I read the more I’ll learn”. So I decided to study languages at university which enabled me to explore foreign literatures and read books in their original language. My reviews are written in Italian, English and French, most of the time according to the language in which I read the book.

All your comments and suggestions are welcome!



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