Between East & West: My Dammann Frères Tea Set

Why is this tea set so special?

It’s not just that it’s Dammann Frères (to know more about this brand click here): its mixed features, between East & West, make this tea set unique.

The shape of the teapot is unmistakably Western (British I would say but it’s a French brand we’re talking about so it might be better not to be too specific). Yet, the cups show a delicate mixture of Western and Eastern features: the shape is closer to Japanese tea cups but the handle and the saucer are typical of Western tea cups. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Zen aesthetics prefer asymmetry over symmetry so that in the tea room nothing is symmetric, not even the tea set where the teapot is usually of a different colour than the cups. Here, the black saucers clash beautifully with the white cups. Finally, Western tea sets are commonly decorated with flowers while the decoration of this tea set is more than minimal… it’s absent. Empty. Very Zen-like.


White tea and coffee cupcakes with whipped cream.

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