My First Japanese Tea Set お茶セット

As a tea lover, a Japanese tea set is an essential (and talking about tea essentials, I recommend this website)! This is my first Japanese tea set and it was given to me as a gift for my graduation (I couldn’t have asked for a better gift!).

This is a made in Japan ceramic teapot called uwade no kyusu (上手の急須), literally “top hand tea pot”. What makes this kind of teapot so special is its wooden handle, usually made of bamboo. When you first take the teapot out of its box you have to assemble the teapot and its handle by bending its extremities. The other reason I like this tea set so much is its colours and decorations: white plum flowers against a black background. I know that usually proper tea ceremonies require that the teapot and the cups are of different colours (according to zen aesthetics nothing should be symmetric in the tea room). Yet, I still find this tea set so beautiful!

Its only lack is a filter to remove (it does have its own built-in filter): especially with green teas you can’t leave them to infuse too long otherwise tea becomes too bitter. So I had to buy it separately and, unfortunately, it doesn’t fit perfectly. Apart from this, I really love this tea set and it’s perfect when you are more than two people (it comes with 4 tea cups).

You can find the tea set here: the store is called Peter’s Tea House and it’s an Italian chain. For more information on how to choose the perfect Japanese tea set and on the different types of teapots I think these websites are very useful: Sazen and Yunomi.



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